Safety Management

Monitoring the safety of medicines, which is also known as, pharmacovigilance, includes all activities related to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects and other possible drug-related problems. This monitoring is carried out in a number of ways, including review and evaluation of suspected adverse reaction reports, published literature, epidemiological studies and additional clinical trial results. For helping your company on this, Klinar provides the services below:

● Assessment of drug/medical device adverse events

● Adverse event follow-up

● Adverse event classification

● Updating literature

● Literature   follow-up

● Reporting to the authorities

● Building electronical tracking systems integrated with TUFAM (Turkish MoH) and periodically reporting

● Reporting to the company Adverse event notification

● Pharmacovigilance training (clinical drug studies) Pharmacovigilance training (accredited drugs) Serious Adverse Event Reporting

●Safety Notifications ( SUSAR Notification / IN Preparation and follow-up)

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