Klinar CRO has a wide range of experience in different therapeutic areas including; Chest and Respiratory Diseases, Physical Medicine and Rehabilition, Oncology, Hematology, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Cardiology, Radiation Oncology, Allergy, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Infectious Diseases, Gynecology, Urology, Nephrology, Psychiatry, Gastroenterology, CNS, Dermatology, Metabolism, General Surgery, Pediatry, Brain Surgery, Pharmacology, Pediatry Hematology, Orthopedy and Cardiovascular Surgery.

Different types of trials such as; Clinical Trials, Post Marketing Trials, Site Management Organization, Electronic Data Capture, ATMP studies, Medical Device Studies and Compassionate Use are being conducted by Klinar CRO.

Origin of the projects
International 287
Local 232
Total 519
Type of the Projects
Phase III 165
PMSS 163
Phase II 47
Phase IV 31
SMO 21
EC Submission 17
Compassionate Use 14
Data Management 9
Phase I 8
Patient Follow Up Studies 5
Patient Follow Up&Sales Portal 5
Non-Drug Studies 5
Questionnaire Study 4
Start up activities 4
Feasibility Study 3
Pharmacovigillance 2
Patient Call 2
Animal Studies 1
Legal Representativeness 1
Tissue Studies 1
Medical Device Studies 11
Total 519
Indication Distribution
Oncology 94
Cardiology 68
Pulmonary Diseases 41
Hematology 41
Endocrinology 39
Infectious Diseases 36
Neurology 31
Physical Treatment and Rheumatology 22
Nephrology 22
Urology 15
Gastroenterology 14
Ophtalmology 14
Dermatology 12
Psychiatry 10
Pediatry 7
General Health 7
Gynecology 6
Metabolic Diseases 6
Rheumatology 6
Ortopedia 5
Dentristry 4
Radiation Oncology 3
Pediatric Metabolism 4
Immunology 1
Brain Surgery 1
General Surgery 1
Cardiovascular Surgery 1
Pediatric Nephrology 1
Legal Representation 1
Total 519

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Good risk mitigation processes and planned business continuinity

Quality Certificates such as MoH GCP Certificate, ISO:27001 Information Security Management.

Micromanagement on project and site performence.

High patient recruitment level and efficient patient retention policies.

Recruitment strategies for targeted populations.