Other Services

As a full service CRO, we can also help you with the below solutions:

● Large Scale Site Studies including design of sample size according to the regions

● Pollster training and pilot survey scheme

● Collecting necessary samples and pilot survey scheme

● Patients calls (call center)

● Social studies

● Medical association and public health department studies

● Preparation and conducting of university support and donation project submission file (TUBiTAK, ARDEB etc.)

● Setting up electronical order portals, tracking product storage stock information and preparation and submission of necessary reporting

● Home Care-Study Nurse services for Covid-19

The Best Outsourcing Solution!

Full service CRO with Customer-Oriented project management and proposals

Excellent expertise with more than 350 completed projects.

High level of customer satisfaction with dedicated team work and synergy.

Clear strategies for your projects starting from the beginning.

Project and staff stability.

Quick start-up timelines with good communication to the ECs and RA.

Flexible, proactive, professional teamwork.

Competitive costs, Efficient processes

Open communication to our clients and employees

Good risk mitigation processes and planned business continuinity

Quality Certificates such as MoH GCP Certificate, ISO:27001 Information Security Management.

Micromanagement on project and site performence.

High patient recruitment level and efficient patient retention policies.

Recruitment strategies for targeted populations.