Klinar Timeline


Company Establishment

Our main company was established as one of the first CROs in Turkey in September 2000


Klinar's Establishment

Klinar CRO was established January 2009 as an Optimum CRO enterprise for the international trials conducted in Turkey.


Regulatory Authority Audit

Klinar CRO has become one of the first certified CRO to be approved by the Ministry of Health in Turkey, working in compliance with the principles of `` Guidline For Good Clinical Practices``.



Klinar CRO is one of the first CROs in Turkey applied for an ISO:27001 Certificate and obtaned ISO:27001 Information Security Management System Certificate


Audit History

Our Companies has completed; 13 site audits performed by Quality Departments of Sponsor Companies for our International Studies. 30 system audits performed by Quality Departments of Sponsor Companies or indipendent Auditing Companies.


Klinar CRO acquired Optimum CRO

In September 2018 Klinar CRO and Optimum CRO decided to merge their powers to provide the best services to their customers.


Project Status

Our companies has conducted 423 studies until May 2020. 224 of these studies were International Studies and 199 of them were local studies conducted in Turkey.


Approval Timelines

For our 125 studies conducted in the last 5 years: The approval timelines for the Ethics Commitee for the initial submission is 23 days The approval timelines for the Ministry of Health for the initial submission is 33 days.


SIV and FPI Statistics

For our 125 studies conducted in the las 5 years: The first site initiation time from the Ministry of Health approval is 38 days on average. The first patient in (FPI) time after the first site initiation is 16 days on average.


Enrollment Targets

During the last 5 year in our 125 projects conducted, 95 of these 125 studies has reached the target enrollment.


In Conclusion with Klinar's leading experience

Turkey is a very good country for clinical trials because of: - Having very good sites - With enthusiastic, experienced site staff - Start-up timelines are reasonable - Has a very good pool of patients even for the rare disease - The prices are reasonable comparing to the other countries

Clinical Drug Studies

Klinar CRO has its clinical drug studies history varying from phase I to IV studies.

Observational Studies

Klinar is working on late phase studies such as pharmacovigilance follow-up studies, post-marketing survelliance studies, large scale registry studies, practice pattern studies.

Site Management Organization

Klinar also offers solutions for managing your clinical trials inside level.

Compassionate Use

Klinar CRO has the ability to manage compassionate use studies both in project level and patient level.

Patient Follow-Up Studies

Klinar offers private solutions for tracking systems for your products requiring special follow-up in terms of pharmacovigilance, patient call management by using customer oriented electronic systems and call centers.

Medical Device Studies

Medical device studies for in vivo and in vitro medical devices with or without CE mark is within Klinar's expertise.

Start-Up Activities

Feasibility assesments and start-up expertise sharing for new clients requesting to know more about Turkey's infrastructure is available in Klinar's expertise.

Regulatory Submissions Support

Klinar can support you for all your regulatory submissions in terms of ethics committee and regulatory authority submissions including contract management.

We Have Great Skills

Klinar CRO has a wide range of experience in different therapeutic areas.
Different types of trials such as; Clinical Trials, Post Marketing Trials, Site Management Organization, Electronic Data Capture, ATMP studies, Medical Device Studies and Compassionate Use are being conducted by Klinar CRO.

  • Clinical Drug Studies

  • Observation Studies

  • Other Studies

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