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For clear strategies for your project with flexible, professional, proactive teamwork with competitive costs.

Practical Knowledge & Ability

Increase your clinical trial efficiency with dedicated solutions created by Klinar’s knowledge and expertise. Our knowledge is the key to success for your clinical trial starting from study design until database lock and reporting.

Quality is The Key to Success

Klinar CRO has become one of the first certified CRO’s in Turkey to be audited by Ministry of Health as working in compliance with princibles of “Good Clinical Practices”. Klinar CRO is also one of the first CRO’s having ISO 27001 certificate.

Klinar’s Know-How Meets Your Potential

Unchangeable principle of our company is always quality, sustainable service and reasonable prices. Klinar CRO works with principle “the guarantee of success and sustainability in the sector is honesty and  service quality” and with your interest and support, we will continue to share our  expertise and know-how today and in the future.


Local CROs generally employs senior project managers supporting all the CRAs working for the trials as a supervisor with long experience in that area. This helps to focus on the trials with a micromanagement aspect and gives the opportunity to the sponsors to always see a back up person and an experienced controller to help the study to be conducted.

Cost Effectiveness

Local CROs are more cost effective including the services fees and the services provided compares with the global CROs. Mainly most of the issues are followed up as a part of project management activities without having separate prices for each and every service item.

Solutions Provider

With that wide experience in clinical trials in Turkey, local CROs also have an insight of probably issues that can occur in a trial during design, plan and conduct of the trial with pre-planned resolutions for this issues.


Local CROs still serve in our country as a school for clinical trials . Most of the global CROs use the CRAs in only one expertise area instead of training the CRA as a project manager dealing with all activities during a clinical trial makes the integrity of the trial to fail and communication issues generally occur affecting the integrity of the trial.

Background and use of Database

Local CROs in Turkey have a more expanded database of investigators and sites and they are in touch with many KoLs to collaborate with during the set-up phase of the studies since they have a long-established background in clinical trials in Turkey.


Local CROs are in close relationship with both Ethics Committees and Ministry of Health. The committees and the MoH sometimes can have the opportunity to accelerate the bureaucratic pathways for the local CROs which is an advantage considering the timelines.

Clinical Drug Studies

Klinar CRO has its clinical drug studies history varying from phase I to IV studies.

Observational Studies

Klinar is working on late phase studies such as pharmacovigilance follow-up studies, post-marketing survelliance studies, large scale registry studies, practice pattern studies.

Site Management Organization

Klinar also offers solutions for managing your clinical trials inside level.

Compassionate Use

Klinar CRO has the ability to manage compassionate use studies both in project level and patient level.

Patient Follow-Up Studies

Klinar offers private solutions for tracking systems for your products requiring special follow-up in terms of pharmacovigilance, patient call management by using customer oriented electronic systems and call centers.

Medical Device Studies

Medical device studies for in vivo and in vitro medical devices with or without CE mark is within Klinar's expertise.

Start-Up Activities

Feasibility assesments and start-up expertise sharing for new clients requesting to know more about Turkey's infrastructure is available in Klinar's expertise.

Regulatory Submissions Support

Klinar can support you for all your regulatory submissions in terms of ethics committee and regulatory authority submissions including contract management.

We Have Great Skills

Klinar CRO has a wide range of experience in different therapeutic areas.
Different types of trials such as; Clinical Trials, Post Marketing Trials, Site Management Organization, Electronic Data Capture, ATMP studies, Medical Device Studies and Compassionate Use are being conducted by Klinar CRO.

  • Clinical Drug Studies

  • Observation Studies

  • Other Studies









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For clear strategies for your project with flexible, professional, proactive teamwork with competitive costs.