Clinical Trials
The main services provided in terms of Clinical Trial Management in Klinar CRO are as follows...
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Data Management
Data Management Unit constructs the study database and performs statistical analysis defined in the protocol. The following procedures are performed by Data Management Unit in the scope of these services...
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Quality Management
Klinar CRO has its self-check systems to provide improvement and control of quality in management of clinical studies. These systems consist of regular internal checks which are performed by QC unit. High quality is maintained throughout the trials by means of...
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Klinar CRO
Mustafa Kemal Mah. 2127. Sk No:42/3
Tel : +90 312 447 02 74
Fax: +90 312 447 02 86
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Klinar CRO established in January 2009 as an Optimum CRO enterprise for the international clinical trials conducted in Turkey.

Klinar CRO and its team has a deep experience over the clinical trials of different phases and post marketing surveillance studies.

Optimum CRO / Klinar CRO has more than 60 employees (including CRAs, PMs, QC, SCs and data management units) are located in the main office based in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey.

With its high development rate, Klinar CRO is one of the leading and experienced foundations for conduct, organization and improvement of clinical researches in Turkey.

Currently, Klinar CRO has become one of the first certified CRO to be approved by the Ministry of Health in Turkey, working in compliance with the principles of “Guideline For Good Clinical Practices”.

KLÄ°NAR CRO is member of SAKDER


Infırmation Security Commitment